Allgemein, break-up, happiness, love, vulnerability

Series de ruptura/ Break-up series


No hay mayor muestra de amor que olvidar todos tus miedos y regalarle tu vulnerabilidad a otra persona. Poner en sus manos tu corazón remendado, maltrecho por experiencias pasadas. Ese corazón que quieres pensar que volverá a latir igual de fuerte con un nuevo calor, con nuevas experiencias, con una mano que le mime y le proteja, y le diga que lo va a cuidar como el regalo más preciado. Que nunca más vas a pasar por el dolor del desamor.


There is no greater display of love than forgetting all your fears and giving someone your vulnerability. To put into other person’s hands your patched up heart, mishandled by past experiences. That heart that you want to believe will beat as fast as it used to thanks to new warmth, to new experiences, by a hand that indulges and protects it, that says that it is going to be taken care after as if it were the most precious gift. That you will never ever again experience the grief of a broken heart.


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