I did not know the meaning of zing so I had to look it up. That is what I like about this challenge, that I am able to learn something new and turning it into something my heart can write about.

Be as it may, I came across a nice meaning of zing beign it “the love of your life”. Native English speakers can correct me, if this is not a definition of zing that actually exists.

I enjoy the idea of “love of your life”, isn’t it something wonderful?

But what is the love of one’s life? Is that the first love? The innocent, never-ending, pure love? Is that the one that broke your heart forever and whose embrace you will never be able to forget? Or is it the one you marry and have children with?

Is it a lover or rather a friend, a family member, a random person?

I decided some years ago that the love of my life is me. This might sound very egocentric, of course. However, I learned that happiness is based on self-love. Not the self-love of greedy people who only think about themselves, but the recognition that we are unique and amazing. Our love can fall in the wrong hands, so we have to be ready to understand that this is not where we are supposed to end. I believe that, if you love yourself, you are protected from all the “bad” love out there. Therefore, the love that you give can be a pure, confident, generous, amazing love.

Love is my favourite thing in the world! I have a lot to give and thankful for all the love that I receive.

Zing is my thing.



via Daily Prompt: Zing!

4 thoughts on “Zing!”

  1. There you pinned it. I’ve just googled that word seven hours ago. The meaning I found were “zest, enthusiasm, inspiration.” I just bounced back from illness and I don’t have those feelings yet. Your interpretation is great. I have to go pampering back this little soul of mine and dig deep the love out of it. Great post. Thanks!

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